Group Events

If your group is looking for a thrilling outing, On The Rocks is the perfect place to visit! We can accommodate any type of group–businesses, schools, church groups, family, friends, clubs, birthday parties, etc. On The Rocks has climbing available for all ages and abilities.

All first-time guests will receive a short orientation on the different types of climbing we offer and will be shown safety tips prior to climbing. Rental gear is included for all climbers joining us as a group!

All guests must have a Waiver filled out prior to participating in the event. Parents/Guardians can fill out waivers here.

For scheduling purposes, we require a 2-week notice for any party booking.

All parties are scheduled as 2-hour time slots within our typical business hours. Parties can add additional hours to their scheduled time slot at an additional rate of $40/hour. Party start/end times cannot be within the first or last half hour of any given day unless an exception is made for special circumstances. Parties scheduled for times outside of normal business hours are scheduled hourly at an additional rate of $40/hour.

We require a down payment of $50 at time of booking. Remaining balance must be paid upon arrival. Payment for the remaining balance must be provided in one lump sum.

If a scheduled party is cancelled at least 10 days before the scheduled party is to take place, the $50 deposit will be refunded.

Group Rates:

  • Youth (under 18) -
    • 6-10 people - $20 per person
    • 11-15 people - $18 per person
    • 16+ people - $16 per person
    • Adult (18+) -
      • 6-10 people - $23 per person
      • 11-15 people - $21 per person
      • 16+ people - $19 per person
    • Parties may also purchase our $75 Party Room Package but are NOT required to do so. The Party Package includes amenities that can help elevate any party. The Party Room Package is required if you plan to bring food and/or desserts since eating space is limited in our lobby. Full details can be found below!
      • $75 Party Room Package Includes:
        • Private Party Room with tables and chairs
        • Dedicated staff member or volunteer to assist with belaying and hooking in auto-belays
        • You can bring food and/or desserts

    Food Options:

    • You can bring food and cake if you purchase our Party Room Package (listed above)! We can get you a 20%-off discount on delivery from East of Chicago Pizza after 4pm; just mention us in your order.
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