Rock Climbing Classes

rock climbing gym classes

Rock climbing has exploded in popularity over the last decade, with more and more people discovering the joys of scaling walls both indoor and outdoor. This rise in interest has led to a proliferation of indoor climbing gyms like On The Rocks in Elyria, OH that offer a convenient and weatherproof way to climb. Most indoor rock climbing gyms offer a wide variety of climbing classes to help both beginning and experienced climbers improve their skills.

Types of Climbing Classes

We break down our instructional offerings into classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. Each level focuses on foundational techniques, safety protocols and developing the skills needed to progress.

Beginner Classes

Our beginner classes are perfect for those who are completely new to rock climbing. We keep the instructor to student ratio low so you get plenty of personalized attention.

beginner climbing classes

The Intro to Climbing Class covers all the basics like climbing safety, equipment, knots and the use of harnesses and belay devices. It's a great overview for first-timers before moving into more focused technique classes. This class is offered weekly.

In the Beginner Technique Class, the instruction zooms in on footwork and handhold grips. You'll spend time learning stemming and other foundation techniques that will vastly improve your efficiency and ability to work your way up the wall. The small group setting allows for specialized feedback as you practice. Completing the Intro Class is a prerequisite.

Intermediate Classes

Our intermediate classes are tailored for climbers who have some experience under their belt and are looking to take their skills to the next level.

The Intermediate Skills Class introduces more advanced climbing techniques related to body positioning, foot pivoting and lateral movement. As the difficulty of routes increases, applying these techniques correctly can mean the difference between success and failure. This class is offered bi-weekly to allow returning students to try new skills.

In the Lead Climbing Class, the focus shifts to specifically preparing for lead climbing routes. There is detailed instruction on lead belaying and clipping bolts that stresses the unique safety considerations. Class ends with each climber leading a beginner route while securely top-roped to practice the HARD skills they will need to become lead certified at the gym. Strong top rope climbing ability is a prerequisite.

Class Logistics

For all classes, all technical climbing gear needed is provided, including harnesses, helmets, belay devices and ropes. Our instructors are all highly experienced climbers with years of teaching experience. We intentionally keep class sizes small to ensure more individualized instruction and feedback.

Multiple sessions are offered for each class type and level throughout the year. We can also arrange special group classes for youth groups, company outings and more.


Start Climbing Today!

As you can see, there are classes suited for every skill level here at On The Rocks. Whether you're excited to start rock climbing for the first time or you lead climb regularly and want to take a specialized rescue course, our world-class instructors have got you covered. Sign up for a class today to start learning essential techniques like belaying or work on advancing your skills. We'll see you on the rock wall soon!

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