What Are The Best Yoga Classes For Weight Loss and Balance?

The Best Yoga Classes For Weight Loss and Balance

When the topic of yoga comes up in a discussion, you immediately think of a calming and relaxing environment for your body and soul. Did you know that some of the best yoga classes are also great for weight loss and balance too? Research has shown that those who participate in yoga classes can lose up to fifty-five pounds in a year.

So, what are the best yoga classes for weight loss and balance? Let’s find out!

Benefits of Taking Yoga Classes

For as long as we can remember, yoga classes have been popular and are one of the most influential classes when it comes to weight loss and balance. Yoga classes also offer many health benefits, which include:

  • Improved health - By improving your health and listening to your body’s needs, you can help maintain a healthier body and strengthen the areas of your body that allow it to function.
  • Improved eating - Once you begin yoga classes, you quickly rethink your lousy eating habits and make more mindful decisions when it comes to meals and snacking.
  • Enhanced flexibility - You can increase your body’s flexibility by focusing on poses.
  • Detoxes your body - Intense yoga classes help detox your body and cleanse it of any toxins.
  • Reduces stress - Yoga classes offer some of the best workouts to reduce stress and improve your mental well-being.

According to research, it’s said that the mental and physical benefits of yoga classes help aid in weight loss and improved balance. To burn the most calories and track your weight loss journal, you must find the best yoga classes. There are six types of yoga classes that help with weight loss and balance. 

6 Best Yoga Classes for Weight Loss and Balance

Here are some of the best yoga classes for weight loss and balance.

1. Ashtanga

One of the best yoga classes for weight loss and balance is Ashtanga yoga classes. Ashtanga is one of the most efficient ways to lose weight and focuses on improving strength and strengthening your core. This type of yoga class requires a lot of energy, but it not only focuses on weight loss but also on balance.

Since Ashtanga yoga is such an energetic class, it cranks up the heat, so you can expect to sweat a lot during this class. While exerting your energy in this class, you can expect to burn a lot of calories, leading to weight loss. Ashtanga yoga class focuses on:

  • Self-purification
  • Meditation
  • Enhanced concentration
  • Focused breathing

To see any results with weight loss and balance, it’s essential to pay attention to these practices. With this particular style, no matter where in the world you take Ashtanga yoga classes, they’re all the same. When taking Ashtanga yoga classes, you should keep these pointers in mind:

  • It’s challenging - This is one of the most difficult classes, so don’t expect to be a pro in the beginning
  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew - Master one technique before moving on to the next
  • Focus on breathing - Once you get the breathing right, your other poses will fall into place
  • Take it easy - Yoga classes are about calming your mind and body, so don’t push yourself too hard. Master one technique before you move on to the next one
yoga for balance improvement

2. Vinyasa

If you want to lose weight, then you must cut back on calories, and a Vinyasa yoga class is a great way to do so. Vinyasa consists of fast-paced movements, to burn as many calories as possible. One of the goals is to make your body as flexible as it can get to increase the amount of calories you burn over time.

Each Vinyasa yoga class could last anywhere from sixty to ninety minutes to ensure that you're receiving an intense workout. It's recommended by trainers to start with two to three sessions per week.

If you're just starting yoga, it's essential to find the best yoga classes to begin with. Start with a beginner class and work your way to the top, focusing on your posture and getting it right, as it’s the only way to achieve your desired weight loss results and balance.

3. Hatha

Hatha is one of the more traditional styles of yoga classes for weight loss and balance. This type of yoga class uses a combination of physical and breathing postures to focus on your energy and create plenty of space for physical and mental growth.

Hatha yoga classes will give you a well-balanced workout to help enhance your weight loss journey without making sudden diet and fitness changes. Hatha is more of a slow-paced yoga class that focuses more on achieving the basic postures of yoga.

It’s essential to master the basics before starting a Hatha yoga class to make it to the next level. Here are some tips that can help you along the way:

  • Don’t forget to warm up - Warming is essential before any exercise to avoid injuries
  • Practice daily - Even if your yoga classes are only two to three times a week, practice your postures daily
  • Wear comfortable clothing - Comfortable clothing is essential when taking any yoga class


4. Power Yoga

One of the best yoga classes for weight loss and balance is power yoga. When taking a power yoga class, you’ll focus on being energized and active during the yoga class while focusing on standing poses to burn the most calories.

Power yoga is an adequate class because not only is it more of a cardio workout, it’s a more competitive class. Power yoga classes are fast, aggressive, and challenging to help you receive results faster. This yoga class focuses more on making you sweat as opposed to breathing and spirituality.

When beginning power yoga classes, you should do the following:

  • Find the right expert - It's essential to find the best trainer who is knowledgeable on the different forms of yoga
  • What’s your intent? - Power Yoga is an excellent way to lose weight and focus on balance, but it won't give you long-term health benefits like other yoga classes
  • Less is always better - While power yoga classes are competitive, don't try to bite off more than you can chew, as you can quickly become burnt out

5. Rocket Yoga

Rocket yoga is a faster yoga class and is less strict. Rocket yoga classes focus on breaking down the Ashtanga poses and involve various types of standing and seating poses. In addition, it also focuses on stretching, bending, and turning.

When taking a Rocket yoga class, you’ll find that this class is divided into three stages:

  • 1st Stage - This stage is similar to an Ashtanga class and focuses on strength to help you tone your arms and legs
  • 2nd Stage - You’ll perform more enhanced poses such as forwards and backward, and bending and stretching to help you lose weight in your stomach area
  • 3rd Stage - Here, you’ll combine your poses from the first two stages to help you improve your weight loss and balance

6. Bikram

Bikram is considered to be one of the best yoga classes for intense workouts and consists of twenty-six routines to complete in a hot room of over one hundred degrees. This requirement is to speed up your body’s sweating to speed up the detox process and to help you burn calories faster.

If you consistently visit the gym and already perform high-intensity workouts, then you should have no problem with a Bikram yoga class. Attending a single Bikram yoga class can help you burn up to fifteen hundred calories, and it is recommended to do it three times a week to achieve the maximum results.

While there isn't a specific diet you need to follow, there are some pointers you'll want to keep in mind to see the best results:

  • Eat small meals throughout the day instead of the standard breakfast, lunch, and dinner routine
  • Up your protein and don’t focus on carbohydrates
  • Cut down on sugar and caffeine
  • Avoid alcohol and spicy foods
  • Drink plenty of water with minerals, and consider adding lemon

Best Yoga Classes for Weight Loss and Balance: FAQ

1. Which yoga class is best for weight loss?

Vinyasa yoga classes are the best classes for weight loss.

2. Is 30 minutes of yoga a day enough to lose weight?

With 30 minutes of yoga a day, you can expect to burn around 120 calories.

3. What type of yoga classes focus on balance?

Hatha is one of the best yoga classes that focuses on balance.

Final Thoughts

With the various types of yoga classes to help you lose weight and improve your balance, there are many benefits of taking yoga classes. Many people think it takes a long time to see the results you want, but yoga classes offer many variations to provide you with a full body workout and improved mind and soul.

If you want an improved, healthier life, these are some of the best yoga classes to start with!

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