Two Person Yoga Guide: Partner Yoga for Beginners

2 person partner yoga

What is 2-Person (Partner) Yoga?

Two-Person yoga, sometimes called "AcroYoga" or "Partner Yoga", enables two people to use each other's weight, support, balance and resistance to find deeper expression in yoga poses. Partners coordinate together in creative poses that require trust, communication and sensitivity to each other’s needs and abilities.

Benefits of Practicing Yoga with a Partner

  • Build Trust - Poses require trusting your safety to another, developing confidence and bonding
  • Deeper Stretches - With a partner stabilizing or gently applying pressure, you can often find more depth and release of tension
  • Strength Building - Lifting and balancing partners takes serious core and muscle control
  • Communication & Connection - Compassionate communication brings fluidity, intimacy and synchronicity
  • More Enjoyment - Laughter is common as you delight in transitions together

Beginner 2 Person Poses To Try

Starting simple allows confidence and sensitivity to grow between yoga partners. Here are some intro-level AcroYoga poses worth exploring:

Double Tree Pose

Facing each other with right feet pressed together, reach your left legs out to balance in a standing split. Reach across to grip right hands strongly and raise left arms straight up with palms touching. Gaze across at each other feeling the stability and shared energy.

Back-to-Back Seated Twist

Sit dos-a-dos with your spines aligned. Inhale lengthening upwards, then exhale twisting your torsos in opposite directions with light hand pressure on each other’s knees. Deepen the delicious rotational stretch on each inhale.

Partner Camel

From all fours, arch into a camel pose pressing hips forward as your partner stabilizes your lower back with their palms. Feel supported moving more deeply into the front body openness and hip flexor stretch.

Partner Boat

Sit face-to-face in boat pose with legs lifted and feet pressed together. Reach forward to grip both hands. Engage core muscles to find balance while using the stability and leverage of your partner’s body.

More Advanced Partnering

Feeling ready for some lifting and balancing? Here are examples of popular AcroYoga poses to aspire towards once basics feel safe and solid:

Bird of Paradise

The base partner stands in a wide squat with upright posture, while the flyer starts by placing one foot on the base’s thigh, finding balance on one standing leg. The base grips the flyer's free ankle to help lift and stabilize it, opening the hips and front of the thigh.

AcroYoga Flying Poses

Many AcroYoga poses involve one person lifting the hips and lower body of the flyer so their back can arch into a gentle backbend supported only by the hands of the base partner. Start with flying the hips just a foot off the ground, progressing slowly higher only once there is complete confidence. Communication is critical!

Partner Headstand

Two yogis face each other in headstand prep with hands on the mat and forearms connected. Walk feet towards each other until hips are stacked above shoulders. On an exhale, engage core and lift both sets of legs off the floor in a partner headstand, looking across at one another. Spot carefully.

Cool Down Mindfully Together

Just like solo asana practice, partner yoga should close with some gentle, restorative postures allowing the energy and openness gained during the practice to integrate fully.

Partner Reclined Spinal Twist

Lie down parallel with legs out long, allowing one partner to cradle the other in their arms. Gently twist the spine across the body, enjoying the massage-like assistance. Breathe deeply. Switch roles.

Savasana Side-by-Side

Close your practice by resting calmly, hips and shoulders making contact. Let your partner’s steady breathing lull you as you assimilate the shared experience.

Keep Exploring Together

Two person yoga connects individuals through compassionate touch, communication and cooperation. Moving in tandem to achieve physical feats impossible alone, a profound sense of community and belonging emerges.

Feeling inspired to begin 2-person partner yoga? Check out our wide range of beginner yoga classes at On the Rocks studio perfect for trying twosomes! The shared journey brings laughter, trust and lasting bonds.

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