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Cleveland, Ohio, a city famous for its Rock 'n' Roll roots, is now gaining recognition in a different arena - Rock Climbing. The city boasts a variety of climbing gyms, each offering unique experiences for climbers. Whether you're an experienced climber looking for a new challenge or a beginner just starting out, Cleveland has a climbing gym for you. This city, known for its music, is now hitting the right notes in the rock climbing scene too.

cleveland rock climbing gyms

Local Cleveland Climbing Gyms

On The Rocks Climbing Gym

on the rocks cleveland climbing gym

On The Rocks Climbing Gym, located on the westside of Cleveland in Amherst, Ohio, is an artistic gem in the Cleveland area's rock climbing scene. This gym, located 5 minutes from Oberlin College campus, has over 8,000 square feet of climbing-wall space, including bouldering, 10 auto belays, top-rope, and lead climbing. On The Rocks also provides a variety of yoga classes, kids programs, and climbing classes, making it a comprehensive fitness hub. The private party room also serves as a great birthday party location!

The gym's hours are designed to accommodate a variety of schedules, opening as early as 9 am on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and staying open until 9 pm on most days. This makes it a convenient choice for both early birds and night owls. 

on the rocks climbing gym in cleveland

On The Rocks Google Review: Angela M. from Indianapolis, IN: "While traveling in Northern OH, we stopped to spend a day at this lovely gem of a climbing gym. First off: staff is super friendly, helpful, generous with their time, and offer great customer service. We brought our own climbing equipment, and the check in process was easy. As is standard for first time climbing gym entries, we completed our waivers, purchased day passes, received a tour of the facilities (gorgeous), and completed certification tests for top top and lead. Staff was knowledgeable, supportive, and made it all a breeze while also making me feel like they are importantly attentive to everyone's safety. Gold stars."

Cleveland Rocks Climbing Gym

cleveland rocks climbing gym

Cleveland Rocks Climbing Gym, a key player in the local climbing scene, offers an 18,000 square foot climbing facility. With options from lead climbing to bouldering, and a towering 54-foot wall, it caters to all climbers. Beyond climbing, it promotes holistic wellness, offering members a weekly yoga class at Ritual Yoga for a balanced fitness experience.

cleveland rocks climbing gym

Cleveland Rocks Google Review: Jack: "Awesome place! Staff is incredibly nice and helpful, the routes are fun and the skylight is the cherry on top. Check this place out if you climb!"

Rock Mill Climbing Gym

rock mill climbing gym

Rock Mill Climbing Gym in Akron offers more than 80 bouldering routes and a well-equipped gym. It's not just about climbing, though. The gym also provides yoga classes, a coffee bar for co-working, and a ping-pong table for fun. For climbers looking to improve, they offer the Plateau Busters series, which includes climbing-specific training.

Rock Mill Google Review: Dylan (a year ago): "I have never been bouldering before, but my experience at Rock Mill was very good. They have a large climbing space that accommodates climbers of all skills. It provides a great workout experience that is fun and enjoyable as well as challenging. Rock Mill also has a small fitness center, not anything huge but enough equipment to get you warmed up for climbing. Staff was very nice, and overall it was a great experience here."

Shaker Rocks Gym

shaker rocks climbing gym

Nestled in the Van Aken District of Shaker Heights, Shaker Rocks Gym is a full climber's facility. With 14,000 square feet of climbing surface, it offers over 200 routes and boulder problems to challenge climbers of all levels. The gym features 40-foot roped walls, top ropes, lead climbing, auto-belays, speed climbing, and even a top-out area for bouldering.

It's a comprehensive fitness center, complete with a training space, free weights, cardio machines, and a yoga studio. Climbers can also take advantage of the Kilterboard, campus boards, and hangboards for targeted training.

Shaker Rocks Google Review: Tristan (3 months ago): "Can't write enough positive things about this gym. We're lucky to have a place like this near Cleveland, and I hope they continue to be successful. From first timers through experts, they always make an effort to make sure everyone is enjoying their climbing experience. The front desk staff is always really enthusiastic and helpful, the walls and bouldering areas have a wide variety of paths for all levels, and they are always changing."

Nosotros Rock Climbing Gym

nosotros climbing gym

Nosotros Rock Climbing Gym, located in Lakewood and Downtown Cleveland, is more than just a gym - it's a community. This non-profit bouldering gym offers a unique climbing experience with a mission to give back to the community. With a focus on creating a welcoming environment, Nosotros invites everyone, whether a beginner or an experienced climber, to enjoy the thrill of climbing.

Nosotros Google Review: Tasha (2 weeks ago): "Great gym. I’d been wanting to branch out into more fun exercises. Staff is always friendly and ready to answer questions. I went with friends that showed me the ropes but I would see the beginner classes and the staff were great teachers. I highly recommend - getting stronger and being able to take on the higher level routes makes it a fun and somewhat rewarding experience."

Climb Cleveland

climb cleveland gym

Climb Cleveland, a bouldering gym in the beautiful Tremont area, is a popular choice among local climbers. Climb Cleveland is also home to Tremont Yoga.

climb cleveland bouldering

Climb Cleveland Google Review: Ms Maria (4 days ago): "Never seen a place like this: four story older building converted into a three story climbing gym with yoga studio in an eclectic neighborhood on the outskirts of Cleveland. Holistic gym that cares about mind•body•spirit and community. Each floor is a self-contained climbing experience: from bouldering cave with tunnel and real rock holds to clip in climbs with turret windows with large ledge and even porch swing for non-climbing friends to hang out."


More than training facilities, Cleveland’s climbing gyms have become the heartbeat of a thriving community. Friendships are forged while navigating routes. Technique is honed through shared tips. And climbers from all walks of life find a supportive environment to grow. The bouldering walls, towering summits and steep overhangs are gathering places to challenge yourself with others by your side. Whether you're an experienced climber or just starting out, the climbing scene in Cleveland offers a welcoming environment for everyone!

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