Spring Mixer Competition 2024


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Our annual Spring Mixer Competition is back and bigger than ever!

Date and time:
Saturday, 4/20 and Sunday, 4/21 (participants will only be climbing on one of the two days); 10:30a-2p (participant check-in: 9a-10:15a)

Early Bird Pricing: $30 for members, $40 for non-members (includes comp sticker!)
Standard Pricing (starting April 1st): $35 for members, $45 for non-members (includes comp sticker!)

Participants will also be able to preorder an exclusive, limited edition t-shirt that will be sold at the competition. Select the preorder option to ensure you get yours as we will have limited stock on the days of the event!

PLEASE READ: In the past, we've limited competition to 50 competitors due to limited gym space. To help, we're extending competition across an entire weekend (Saturday, April 20th and Sunday, April 21st). Shortly after purchasing your event ticket, you’ll receive a two-question survey via email where you’ll indicate your preference for which one of the two days you’d like to compete (+flexibility with being moved to the other competition day if we need to adjust numbers for even competition), and you’ll note the division in which you'd like to compete. You'll still be participating in a single day of competition, but standings will be determined across both days of the competition so please only sign up for a single day.

Think of the survey as gauging interest--it'll help us distribute competitors across both days to ensure that you get the best experience possible! Participants being moved between days will be notified on Wednesday, April 10th. In the unlikely event that results are lopsided in preference of a single day, we'll run things as a single day on Saturday, April 20th as we have in the past. Thanks in advance!

(*Participants are encouraged to fill out a waiver ahead of time. Waivers can be found through the Waivers tab on our website.) Registration opens on March 9th via the Account and Event Schedule tab on our website, calling the gym at (440) 328-8330, or by visiting the front desk.

Directions: Note that GPS doesn't always show quickest way to gym

- 3.5 total hours: redpoint format for bouldering portion, modified redpoint format for roped portion
- For each discipline (both bouldering and ropes), competitors will receive finish-place points based on how they fair against the entire field: 1 point will be awarded for 1st place, 2 for 2nd place and so on. Standings within each division will be determined by combined finish-place points: the lower the point total, the better the finish.
- Divisions are self-seeded and determined when signing up. Prizes will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place in each division.
Competitors will automatically be moved up a division if they finish at or better/lower than the average of the division above them. In order for competitors' scores to count, they must complete the minimum number of required climbs (2 different ropes, 3 different boulders).
- If competitors' overall scores are tied at the end of the comp, the tiebreaker will be awarded to the person who has the highest finish in one of the disciplines (Tiebreakers for each discipline are described in their rules below.).
- Start on the designated start holds without using the drag/crash pads. Depending on the route, this may be a matched start (same hold) or split start (two different holds). Climbers must demonstrate control on the start.
- Once your entire body leaves the ground, your attempt starts. - Spinners: If a hold spins, immediately come off the climb and inform a staff member. Your attempt will not count. If you do not drop immediately, however, your attempt will be counted.
- Dabs: A dab is when part of the climber’s body touches a feature that is “off-route”. This includes padding, holds of another color, or other non-allowed surfaces (Tip: please review the gym’s route rules for non-allowable surfaces and the route's tag for any exceptions to be made for that particular climb.). If a dab occurs, the attempt ends and is counted.


  • 9a-10:15a: Gym opens, participant check-in, warm-up (There will be non-competition boulders and roped climbs that participants can use to warm up.)
  • 10:15a-10:30a: welcome, rules discussion
  • 10:30a-2p: Mixer Competition
  • 2p-2:30p: score calculation
  • Score calculation and awards ceremony will take place on Sunday, April 21st from 2:30p-3p. Winners not present will be contacted and prizes can be arranged to be picked up or mailed.
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