Ropes League 2023



We've had rope climbing competitions in the past and we've had Boulder Leagues in the past--it's about time we mashed up the league format with roped climbing and held our first ever Ropes League!

The competition doesn't officially start until January 25th (we know, we know, you wanna crush the competition and hype up your climbing partners now) but in the meantime we wanna share some deets on the comp:


Ropes League Details
- $25 members, $35 non-members (includes t-shirt)

- 3 weeks total
- Wed.-Tues.; start on Wed., 1/25 (members and punch pass can climb during Wed. morning hours starting at 9a; otherwise: 3p); ends at 9p on Tues., 2/14

- No predetermined divisions; 3 divisions separated at the end by histogram (a way to separate scores by lumping the closest scores together)

- From vendors, local and (inter)nat’l: 1st-3rd place in each division receive prizes

Sign up online via email at, over phone at (440) 328-8330 or in person starting 1/9.

Ropes League Rules

- For each of the three weeks of Ropes League, you will have 3 consecutive hours to climb the comp routes, starting at the beginning of business hours on Wednesday and ending at the end of business hours on the following Tuesday. You cannot try routes beforehand; once you touch a route, you must participate in that week’s ropes league.
Scoring: each roped climb's hand holds will be worth a certain number of points. The hold # (that is, the order of each route's hand holds) can be found on the laminated Route Key. The point value of each route's hand holds can be found on the scoresheet. Once a climber demonstrates control on a hand hold, they receive the designated point value on the week's Scoresheet. Your score for the week will be the highest point value of the hold on which you demonstrated control.
- From the overall standings, 3 divisions will be created using a histogram. Prizes will be awarded for 1st-3rd place in each division. 
In order to receive a prize, you must compete in all 3 weeks of Ropes League.
- If competitors' scores are tied at the end of the comp, the tiebreaker will be based on the fewest number of attempts. 
Note: each time a climber tries a climb it counts as an attempt, even if the climber does not improve on previous attempts.

Notes on how to receive points for a problem:
- Start on the designated start holds. Depending on the routes, this may be a matched start (same hold) or split start (two different holds).
- Once your entire body leaves the ground, your attempt starts, and you must demonstrate control on the start.
For top rope: end the climb with a controlled match on the finish hold (or top of wall if taped). This means both hands on the finish hold in a controlled position held for 3 seconds.
For lead climbing: climbers must clip the anchors from the finish hold (or top of wall if taped). Lead climbers may NOT skip clips.
- Spinners: If a hold spins, immediately stop the climb and inform a staff member. Your attempt will not count. If you do not stop the climb immediately, however, your attempt will be counted.
- Dabs: A dab is when part of the climber’s body touches a feature that is “off-route”. This includes padding, holds of another color, or other non-allowed surfaces 
(Tip: please review the gym’s route rules for non-allowable surfaces and the route's tag for any exceptions to be made for that particular route.). If a dab occurs, the route should be restarted and the attempt counted.