COVID-Related Gym Information

On the Rocks is now open to everyone! We are looking forward to seeing you again, and we have established some rules and guidelines to make your experience back at our facility as safe as possible. Though we have new rules and protocols for visitor and staff safety, we can't entirely eliminate the chance of exposure to COVID-19. Everyone climbs at their own risk, and it's important that we follow these new rules for the good of our community at On the Rocks. 


General Information:

  • M-F: 3-9; Sat: 9-6; Sun: 12-6
  • Wednesdays will also have a member-exclusive session from 9am-3pm.
  • We require that you wear a mask when entering the gym and while on the floor. Climbers may pull down/off their mask while climbing so long as there is at least 6 feet of distance between them and fellow climbers on the wall.
    • Those with relevant medical conditions are not required to wear a mask as per guidelines outlined by the State of Ohio. HOWEVER! 

      Proof must be shown upon entry. This is solely for verification purposes, and no information will be stored or shared. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause, and we appreciate your understanding.

  • All are welcome!
  • Upon their first visit, monthly autopay (EFT) members will be charged prorated dues for that month. 
    • Everyone must pre-register online (this can be found under the Calendar tab on our website) before coming to the gym 📅
      • There will be multiple waves per day, 30 people per wave. Each wave will be 2 hours and 45 minutes long. There will be a 15-minute transition period between waves where the gym will be cleared of visitors
      • 5 people max per booking, please!
      • Everyone will be able to sign up for a wave up to one week in advance
      • We ask everyone to please do their fellow climbers the courtesy of signing up for only one wave per day
        • If anyone in one wave would like to climb in the following wave, we ask that they wait until that wave is over and then check the availability online; if there are spots available, they may sign up for the following wave at that point
        • Everyone will have 12 hours before the end of their wave to cancel their booking (e.g.: if a visitor's wave ends at 8:45pm, (s)he has until 8:45am that morning to cancel his/her booking.); if a person does not show up for a wave that (s)he signed up for, (s)he will be charged a $7.50 no-show fee
        New Sanitation Protocol:
        This is a combination of the requirements released by the state for gyms and our own, On-The-Rocks-specific practices
        For visitors: 
        • Stay at home if not feeling healthy (required)
        • Sanitize upon entrance (required) 👐
        • Maintain 6 feet when possible (required) 👷↔ 👷
        • Take temperature upon entrance (recommended) 🌡
        • Wash hands after each climb (recommended) 
        • Wear mask (required) 😷
        • Every other top rope off 🚫
          • Top ropes will be rotated, i.e.:
            • odd-numbered ropes will be used in the following rotation: (week 1 ->) Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, (week 2->) Monday, WednesdayFriday,                 (week 3 ->) Sunday...
            • even-numbered ropes will be used in the following rotation: (week 1 ->) Monday, WednesdayFriday, (week 2->) Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, (week 3 ->) Monday...
          • Other best practices (change in and out of gym clothes at home, don't bite lead rope, avoid touching face, sneeze into elbow, etc.)
          • Rentals:
            • Yes: shoes, ATC, harness
            • No: chalk bags
            • Other items around the gym that aren't available: lobby tables and benches, lead-rope baskets, arcade machine
            • Water fountain: ONLY water-bottle sensor station 
            • Restroom limit: 1 person 🚻
            • No long-term locker storage; please remember to take your things with you
              For staff:
              • Stay at home if not feeling healthy (required)
              • Sanitize upon arrival (required) ✋
              • Maintain 6 feet when possible (required) 👷↔ 👷
              • Temperature upon arrival (required)🌡
              • Wear mask (required) 😷
              • Wash hands regularly (required)
              • Wear gloves when appropriate (recommended) 
                • We will continue with the 100+ daily, weekly and monthly steps we take to help ensure a clean, secure facility 👐
                • Tasks will be instituted regularly to help mitigate the spread of the virus: stocked sanitation stations throughout the gym (including hand-washing stations on the floor), higher frequency of disinfecting high-touch areas, regular washing of ropes


                As always, we will be monitoring gym activity and looking for ways to improve the process, and any feedback is appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at or at (440) 328-8330.