Most first time climbers will spend about 2 hours at the gym on their first day. This is enough time to take a quick class, get geared up, and climb. On The Rocks is a great place to just hangout, so in between climbs feel free to just relax and chill out! 

​There is some gear involved, depending on what type of climbing you are doing, but we'll explain all that when you come in. We've also put together a Starter Package for $25 that includes everything you need on your first day climbing.

Starter Package - $25

On your first visit you’ll want to purchase the Starter Package. This includes your admission, all the gear you’ll need (climbing shoes, harness, belay device), an Introductory class with belay instruction (how to hold the ropes for a climber), and a free Second Visit with all rental gear. Classes are taught hourly at most times throughout the day.