Boulder League 2021

On the Rocks is stoked to host our 2021 Boulder League! We know everyone puts in hard work at the gym-- put your training and practice to the test by competing against other climbers to see if you come out on top! It'll be a whole lot of fun.



  • $35 members, $55 non-members
  • Climbers can sign up for Boulder League any time until the end of the first week of competition on Tuesday, October 5th. Climbers can register by calling our front desk at (440) 328-8330 or by visiting our front desk in person and asking to participate in Boulder League. 


  • 3 weeks total
    • New boulder problems are set each week; each week officially starts during Member Morning on Wednesdays. The competition kicks off at 9am on Wednesday, September 29th.
    • Male and female (*if neither of these describes you, please see an OTR staff member)
    • If there are ≤10 participants, there will be 1 division.
    • If there are ≥11 participants, there will be 2 divisions.
      • If two divisions, one division is comprised of climbers with a V3ish max
      • If two divisions, the other division is comprised of climbers with a V4+ max
        • If a competitor’s final score after 3 weeks is ≥200 above the average of the scores of the next division up, then that competitor gets moved up a division.
      Participation Procedure:
      • Participants pick up and turn in their boulder-league score sheet and pen from/to the front desk on the day they are participating.
      • After a boulder-league week is completed, standings will be available at the gym’s front desk.
        • Participants will have 3 consecutive hours to climb the comp problems. Participants cannot try problems beforehand; once participants touch a problem, they must participate in that week’s boulder league for the remainder of the session. 
        • Participants’ overall score will consist of the top 3 hardest climbs that they send.
        • If participants' scores are tied at the end of the comp, the tiebreaker will be based on the fewest number of attempts.
        • Notes on how to receive points for a problem:
          • Start on the designated start holds. Depending on the problem, this may be a matched start (same hold) or split start (two different holds). Climbers must demonstrate control on the start.
          • End with a controlled match on the finish hold (or top of wall if taped). This means both hands on the finish hold in a controlled position held for 3 seconds.
          • Once both feet leave the pad, the attempt starts.
          • After successfully completing a problem, get permission from TWO witnessing gym-goers or ONE witnessing staff-member to write their name(s) or initials on your scoresheet- the name(s) or initials will were serve as verification of your successful attempt. 
          • Spinners: If a hold spins, immediately drop from the wall and inform a staff member. The attempt will not count. If participants do not drop immediately, however, their attempt will be counted.
          • Dabs: A dab is when part of the climber’s body touches a feature that is “off-route”. This includes padding, holds of another color, or other non-allowed surfaces (Tip: please review the gym’s route rules for non-allowable surfaces and the problem’s tag for any exceptions to be made for that particular problem). If a dab occurs, the problem should be restarted and the attempt counted.
          • 1st place = 1 month membership or 5 punches or 2 pieces of custom On the Rocks merch
          • 2nd place = ½ month membership or 3 punches or 1 piece of custom On the Rocks merch
          • 3rd place = 1 week membership or 1 punch
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